Inocme taxes (CIT, PIT)

We provide services in both ongoing tax advice and other advisory services including companies’ tax reviews, the tax structuring of transactions and tax advice on transaction documents.

Our services concerning income taxes include:

  • Reviewing commercial contracts from the tax perspective
  • Advising on the development of tax-efficient structures in sales of businesses
  • Advising on transactions involving intangibles
  • Optimisation reviews aimed at exploring and identifying potential savings in the taxpayer’s current accounts
  • Assistance in withholding tax matters
  • Developing tax-efficient employee programs
  • Advising on the tax qualification of advertising campaigns and tax issues related to sponsoring
  • Preparing applications for individual interpretations of tax law and representing clients in interpretation proceedings

Transfer pricing

Transactions between related parties are increasingly of interest to the tax authorities and fiscal control authorities. The scope of information these authorities require is constantly expanding. To minimize the risk of disputes with the tax authorities, we offer support in structuring a transaction in accordance with the arm’s-length principle and developing risk management procedures in transactions between related parties.

Our services concerning transfer pricing include:

  • Identifying related-party transactions and reviewing client procedures concerning these transactions
  • Tax reviews aimed at identifying transfer pricing risks
  • Representing clients in tax audits and fiscal control proceedings which focus on transfer pricing issues
  • Support in the development of risk management procedures in related-party transactions
  • Preparing transfer pricing documentation referred to in Art. 9a of the Act on Corporate Income Tax

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