In disputes with the tax authorities and fiscal control authorities, it is not only a thorough technical knowledge of tax laws that is relevant. A good knowledge of procedures and experience in conducting tax audits, tax proceedings and proceedings before administrative courts is key to winning each case.

For many years we have supported our clients in various sectors during tax audits and fiscal control investigations. We represent clients in tax proceedings and in proceedings before administrative courts.

We also support our clients in the correct formulation of applications and obtaining a positive individual interpretation, even if this requires proceedings before administrative courts or the Supreme Administrative Court.

Our services concerning tax disputes include:

  • Developing procedures to minimize the risks associated with the tax liability and criminal liability of individuals involved in a company’s tax matters
  • Support during tax audits and fiscal investigations
  • Representation in tax proceedings concerning all taxes
  • Representation in proceedings concerning tax overpayments
  • Representation in proceedings before the provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court
  • Preparing all papers in proceedings necessary for the effective settlement of a matter

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